Jocelyn Zhao

Graphic Designer


Fabric Museum

Brand Identity, Generative Design,
Interactive Installation, Web Design, Publication

Fluid Dimensions

Thesis, Publication, Extensive Research,
Generative Deisgn, VR Installation

Alpina Dolomites Rebrand

Brand Identity, Publication,
Web Design, Experiential Installation

BAOBAB Collection Rebrand

Packaging Design, Brand Identity,
Retail Environment

ODD Hair Care

Packaging Design, Brand Identity

Through my work, I desire to evoke feelings and experiences, to leave a lasting imprint on the senses and emotions of those who encounter it. When I touch and smell a new book or observe the unexpected juxtaposition of materials in fashion, my senses come alive. It deepens my connection to scent, texture, and color, infusing vitality into design and inviting viewers to engage both visually and tactilely. This approach serves as a bridge that seamlessly connects the tangible with the digital realm.

Hi! I’m Jocelyn Zhao, a graphic designer based in New York, with an emphasis on branding, transmedia storytelling, computer generative design, and spatial experience design.



ArtCenter College of Design
Sep 2019 – Dec 2023
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
Graduated with Distinction (GPA 3.8 and above)


Design Intern, Digital

Apr 2024 – Present
New York, NY

Teaching Assistant
ArtCenter College of Design
Sep 2021 – Dec 2023
Pasadena, CA
Type 5: Transmedia – Brad Bartlett
Package Design 1 – Dan Hoy

Design Intern
Hello Design
May 2022 – Aug 2022
Culver City, CA


Young Ones 2024 Portfolio Winner︎︎︎

Fabric Museum (Brand Identity, Generative Design, Interactive Installation)
Communication Arts 2024 Design Best-In-Show
Communication Arts 2024 Interactive Award of Excellence︎︎︎
Type Directors Club 70, Certificate of Typographic Excellence: Fabric Museum︎︎︎
Type Directors Club 70, Certificate of Typographic Excellence: TextLoom︎︎︎
Young Ones TDC First Place $1000 Cash Prize
Young Ones ADC 2024, Merit︎︎︎
Graphis New Talent 2024, Gold: F Generator︎︎︎
Graphis New Talent 2024, Gold: TextLoom︎︎︎
Graphis New Talent 2024, Silver︎︎︎

Fluid Dimensions (Publication, Poster Series)
Type Directors Club 70, Certificate of Typographic Excellence︎︎︎
Communication Arts 2024 Design Award of Excellence
Young Ones ADC 2024, Bronze Cube︎︎︎
Graphis New Talent 2024, Honorable Mention︎︎︎

Baobab Collection Rebrand (Packaging Design)
Graphis New Talent 2024, Gold︎︎︎
Pentawards 2023, Silver︎︎︎
Communication Arts 2023 Design Award of Excellence︎︎︎
Core77 Design Awards 2023 Packaging Notable︎︎︎
Young Ones ADC 2023, Merit︎︎︎

ODD Hair Care (Packaging Design)
Graphis New Talent 2023, Gold︎︎︎
Core77 Design Awards 2022 Packaging Winner︎︎︎
GDUSA Package Design Awards 2022 Winner︎︎︎

An Access to the ParalLel Universe (Publication)
Young Ones TDC 2023 Shortlist
Young Ones ADC 2023 Shortlist

Nintendo Game Boy Juice (Packaging Design)
The Dieline Awards 2021 Third Place︎︎︎

Lego Beauty (Packaging Design)
GDUSA Package Design Awards 2021 Winner︎︎︎
Dieline Featured Student Work︎︎︎


Apr 2024
ArtCenter Dot Magazine Feature
The Immersive Frontier

Jan 2024
VoyageLA Interview/Editorial Feature

Jan 2024
Lithographix Gallery
Fluid Dimensions poster was exhibited at the Lithographix gallery

Sep 2019 – Dec 2023
ArtCenter Scholarship
Siras Grenier Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Donor 100 Scholarship
Merit-Based Departmental Scholarship
Entrance Scholarship

Feb 2023
H_M_C_T Gallery
Transcend (Font Design) was exhibited at the Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography 

2019 – 2024
ArtCenter Student Gallery
Fluid Dimensions (Thesis, Poster Series)
Lotus Biscoff Redesign (Packaging Design)
BAOBAB Collection Rebrand (Packaging Design)
Switched at Birth (Title Sequence)
ODD Hair Care (Packaging Design)
Lego Beauty (Packaging Design)
Being John Malkovich (Poster)

2020 – 2023
ArtCenter Provost’s List 


Strong working knowledge of:
InDesign, Illustrator, Processing, XD, After Effects, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, MadMapper, Figma, Premiere Pro, Keynote, Pages, Acrobat, Glyphs, Media Encoder

Familiar with:
JavaScript, p5.js, Octane, HTML/CSS
Art direction, brand identity, packaging design, generative design, creative coding, spatial experience design, book design, research, 3D modeling and rendering, presentation deck building, UI/UX, font design

Laser cutting, Kongsberg cutting, 3D printing, book binding, letterpress, illustration, DSLR photography

English (fluent), and Mandarin (native)